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Research groups currently supported by RIAH


The Centre for Contemporary German Culture produces world-class research on the literature and culture of twentieth- and twenty-first century Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Centre is unique to Wales and makes an important contribution to German Studies in Britain, Europe and North America. It aims to promote and stimulate further research on the work of contemporary German-language authors and film-makers in the English-speaking world.  Read more >>>


The Centre for the Comparative Study of the Americas is the product of a convergence of research and teaching interests between colleagues from the programmes of Hispanic and American Studies at Swansea University.  CECSAM is based in the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University, but is interdisciplinary in focus and members of the Centre work across Colleges.  Read more >>>




Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales

Dylan Thomas, R. S. Thomas, Margiad Evans, Raymond Williams - these are four of the better known English language writers produced by modern Wales.

Acknowledged as the international leader in this field of literary and cultural study, CREW has developed an extensive programme of teaching and research. Scholarly work ranges across a wide number of disciplines, including cultural history, visual culture, transatlantic connections, postcolonial studies and medieval studies.  Unique resources available include the diaries of Richard Burton and the papers of Raymond Williams.  Read more >>>



The Centre for the Study of Culture and Politics (C-SCAP) is dedicated to the exploration of the complex and dynamic relations between peoples, cultures, institutions, practices, states and economies.  Read more >>>


The Centre for Research into Gender in Culture and Society (GENCAS) brings together staff from across the campus who research into gender. It hosts conferences, symposia and workshops, provides a home for PhD students working on gender, and runs a successful MA in Gender and Culture.  Read more >>>


KYKNOS is the Swansea and Lampeter Centre for Research on the Narrative Literatures of the Ancient World. 

Its mission is:

  • To stimulate, co-ordinate and promote research on the narrative literatures of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Near East, through collaborative work, conferences and publications
  • To form the centre of national and international networks of scholars working in this field
  • To raise the profile of the subject area and to attract top-quality research students to its constituent universities
  • To secure high-level funding for research projects                                    

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The Language Research Centre (LRC) is a global hub for single, inter- and multi- disciplinary empirical research into language data and processes. It draws together academics and postgraduate researchers from across Swansea University and connects their activities with those of the Centre’s global network of Associate Members and distance learning doctoral students.  
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MEMOThe Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Research (MEMO) brings together more than twenty scholars working in the fields of literature, history, philosophy, European languages and classical studies, covering the period approximately AD 400 to 1800.   Read more >>>


RCHHCThe Research Group for Health, History and Culture (RGHHC)

- exploring the frontiers of Health & Social Research.

The novelist C.P. Snow provoked a storm of protest when he alleged a breakdown in communication between the arts and the sciences.  Nowhere are the implications of this split more telling than in health and healthcare.  Read more >>>