The Research Initiatives Fund (RIF) was introduced in 2010 to provide seed corn funding for exciting research projects led by Arts and Humanities researchers at Swansea.

A number of RIF-funded projects have since attracted significant external funding.

RIF 2015-16

Multiple Orders of Governance and Understanding Legitimacy (MOGUL)
PI:  Dr Dion Curry

A Cultural History of the Handgun
PI:  Dr Catherine Fletcher

Digital Inclusion for People with Sensory Impairment
PI:  Dr Yan Wu

RIF 2014-15

Online Grooming:  From Communicative Modelling to Paedophile Profiling
PI:  Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus

The News, Immigration Attitudes, and Ideology in Latin America
PI:  Dr Nina Wiesehomeier

RIF 2013-14

TransVis:  Phase 3
PI:  Dr Tom Cheesman

Elizabeth Montagu's Correspondence
PI:  Professor Caroline Franklin

Welsh Communities and the Old World
PI:  Professor Daniel Power

RIF 2012-13

Translation Arrays:  Version Variation Visualisation:  Phase 2.1
PI:  Dr Tom Cheesman

RIF funding will fund further work on this project, maintain the project's intellectual momentum, and raise awareness of it and Digital Humanities in general. Read more on this project >>>

RIF 2011-12

A Longitudinal Investigation into Lexical Retrieval and Oral Output Behaviour in Older and Younger Adults | PI: Dr Tess Fitzpatrick

This project will contribute to our understanding of the changes in individuals’ control and use of language through the life span, and specifically of language attrition in older people.  The research team will work on a subset of an existing dataset to produce fully informed and focused predictions of lexical retrieval behaviour in a healthy ageing population, against which the language behaviour of individuals with Dementia of Alzheimer’s Type (DAT) can be assessed.

Discourses of Specialness: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Anglo-American ‘Special Relationship’ (1950-1960) | PI: Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus

The Anglo-American special relationship still captures great political, popular and media imagination, particularly in Britain. Why does it do so? This interdisciplinary pilot project applies quantitative and qualitative methods in Discourse Analysis to archival and media records of Anglo-American relations in order to demonstrate the vital but hitherto analytically neglected role of language in the development and sustenance of a special relationship.

RIF 2010-11

  • Visualising Re-Translation Variation: Othello | PI: Dr Tom Cheesman
  • The Association of South-East Asian Nations’ New Inter-governmental Commission on Human Rights | PI: Dr Alan Collins
  • Looting Matters: Authority and Web 2.0 | PI: Dr David Gill
  • From Citizenship to Security: Military Literacy and Young People | PI: Dr Helen Brocklehurst 
  • A Survey of the Neath Abbey estates, 12th-17th Centuries | PI: Professor Daniel Power

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