Swansea English dialect expert to publish new book

Dr Rob Penhallurick to publish new book entitled 'Studying Dialect'.

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Rob Penhallurick - Studying DialectThe English language has a rich history, and the diversity of its dialects and variations has fascinated students and scholars for centuries.  Studying Dialect is an accessible first introduction to the study of the dialects of English as they are spoken around the world, from the earliest dialect dictionaries of the sixteenth century to contemporary research emerging from the field of geolinguistics.

The book will be an ideal companion for students who are new to the field of language variation.  Illuminating one of the most productive fields of interest in language study, this compelling book is essential reading for students of dialect and regional difference in English. 

Dr Rob Penhallurick is a Reader in English Language at Swansea University. He has written extensively on dialect study and varieties of English, and is also the author of Studying the English Language.

You can find out more about Studying Dialect, which is due to be published on 25 December 2017, here.