Dr Catherine Fletcher will tour the USA in September with her latest book.

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Black Prince of Florence 1 In September, Dr Catherine Fletcher will be in the USA launching her new book The Black Prince of Florence.

The tour will visit the venues listed below.   The venue websites should be consulted for further information, including access/booking information.

• Wednesday September 14th, campus event at Houston

• Thursday 15th, lunchtime event for UT Austin students and faculty

• Thursday 15th, 7pm, Book People, Austin, TX

• Sunday 18th, 3pm, Concord Bookshop, Concord, MA

• Monday 19th, 7pm, Newtonville Books, Newton, MA

• Tuesday 20th, 7pm, Barnes & Noble Upper West Side, New York City

• Wednesday 21st, 6.45pm, S. Dillon Ripley Center, The Smithsonian, Washington DC (booking required)

• Thursday 22nd, 12.30pm, Books & Books/Prologue Society, Riviera Club, Coral Gables, FL

About The Black Prince of Florence:  Between 1531 and 1537, Alessandro’s reign as prince of Florence was as magnificently colourful as it was short. The bastard son of a Medici duke and a ‘half-Negro’ maidservant, he was propelled to power at the age of only nineteen after the grandest dynasty of the Italian Renaissance lost its last legitimate heir. Betrothed to the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor, he faced down bloody family rivalry and enormous hostility from Florence’s oligarchs, who called him a womaniser and tyrant. Yet this real-life counterpart to Machiavelli’s Prince kept his grip on power until he was assassinated during a late-night assignation by his scheming cousin. From dazzling palaces and Tuscan villas to the treacherous backstreets of Florence and the corridors of papal power, this dramatic biography draws on extensive archival research to overturn our perceptions both of the history of race and of the Italian Renaissance.

About the Author:  Catherine Fletcher is a historian of Renaissance and early modern Europe. Her first book, The Divorce of Henry VIII, brought to life the world of the Papal court at the time of the Tudors. Subsequently, Catherine worked with the set team on the BBC’s adaptation of Wolf Hall, advising the production on the historical detail of religious ceremony, dress and furnishings. She broadcasts frequently for BBC Radio 4 on Italian Renaissance history and is currently a BBC New Generation Thinker.  Dr Fletcher now holds the position of Associate Professor in History and Heritage at Swansea University, has previously held fellowships at the British School at Rome and the European University Institute, and has taught at Royal Holloway, Durham and Sheffield universities.

For further information:  https://catherinefletcher.info/talks-and-events/