A launch event will be held at Oystermouth Library, Mumbles on Wednesday 20 April 2016.

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Equivocator - Stevie DaviesStevie Davies (Department of English Language and Literature at Swansea University) will launch her new book EQUIVOCATOR at Oystermouth Library* on Wednesday 20 April at 7pm.

The book is published by Parthian, who extend a warm welcome to all to the launch.

Tickets £2 (redeemed on purchase of a book) are available at Cover to Cover, 58 Newton Road and Oystermouth Library.

*Location:  Oystermouth Library, Dunns Lane, Mumbles (note that Dunns Lane will be closed for car access due to water works)

"A stranger buttonholes Sebastian Messenger at a conference on the Gower coast, opening up historic lies and transgressions neither outgrown nor comprehended. The novella is a study of fathers and sons, lovers and betrayers, truth and mendacity, - whose global frame of reference stretches from Gower to Iran, Germany to Egypt. Equivocator deals in irony and the confabulations of memory, combining dark fable,  satire and a gay love story. The emotional centre of Equivocator is Sebastian’s flawed but sincere love for Jesse: will salvage be possible, in the light of the Messenger inheritance?"

‘Davies skilfully interweaves the present day scene with Sebastian's reminiscences: of his life as a doctoral student in the dingy flats of Manchester suburbs; of losing his virginity to a boy named Justin; of his mother's stream of lovers after his father's death, ‘a parade of academics, diplomats, journalists'. Davies possesses a considerable gift in her ability to draw sharply delineated images and portraits, and such instances ensure that this impressive novella – so rooted in the past – retains dramatic urgency in its present moment. Like Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach (2007), the full emotional impact of the novella (a spry 92 pages) is best perceived in one sitting. The modulations of Sebastian's voice as he delves deeper into his father's life are adroitly articulated, and Davies crafts a powerful story about the challenges of dealing with the past.'  Michael Nott, The New Welsh Review, 2 April 2016

She will also be discussing and reading from the novella at the Swansea conference, 'Queering the Body: Transforming the Text' on 22 April (10.10-11.40 a.m., the Abbey, Swansea University), in a talk entitled 'Writing Equivocator: How I Came Out as a Gay Man'.  Further information available here:  http://www.swansea.ac.uk/riah/news/conference-proteandesiresqueeringthebodytransformingthetext.php

Stevie DaviesStevie Davies, who comes from Morriston, Swansea, is a novelist, literary critic, biographer and historian. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, a Fellow of the Academi Gymreig and Professor of Creative Writing at Swansea University.