An opportunity to hear D. J. Britton's acclaimed BBC Radio 3 adaptation of Chekhov's Three Sisters

Hear the adaptation via BBC i-Player until 13 April.

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David Britton Three Sisters on iPlayer‌Professor David Britton’s acclaimed BBC Radio 3 adaptation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters will be available on BBC i-Player for the next few weeks. Click here to listen (available until Wednesday 13 April 2016).

Reviewing the production for one of Britain’s biggest-selling magazines, The Radio Times, critic Fatima Hasan writes: “Three Sisters cuts to the bone in an uncompromising way – like taking a cold bath on a winter’s day.  Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece, here beautifully adapted by D.J.Britton, probes the lives  and dreams of three sisters…we feel their tormented spirits conveyed not in a depressing tone, but rather in terms of what it means to be human, full of hope, aspiration, and, ultimately, self-delusion.”

The production, elegantly directed in Cardiff by the BBC’s UK Head of Audio Drama Alison Hindell , was observed by Swansea University’s MA Creative Writing students, who watched the recording from the studio control room. It features fine performances, including Hattie Morahan as Olga (straight from playing opposite Ian McKellen in the movie Mr. Holmes), and Mumbles-based Robert Pugh as Doctor Chebutykin. Hasan has special praise for Morahan’s performance, which she describes as “excellent”.

David BrittonProfessor D.J. Britton is an award-winning dramatist, director and dramaturg. He was formerly National Executive Producer heading the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio drama department, and is now the Drama specialist on the Creative Writing Programme in the English Department at Swansea University.

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