New Approaches to Vocabulary Studies: Two Day Conference (2015)

Swansea University, 2nd July and 3rd July 2015

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This year’s annual British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Vocabulary Special Interest Group (SIG) conference will be held at Swansea University, Wales. The theme of this conference is ‘New approaches to vocabulary’. We would like to gather all the interesting studies on vocabulary in Applied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and related subject areas. Before the conference, we will also provide a pre-conference workshop on ‘programming vocabulary experiments and recording reactions times’. This workshop will introduce the use of computer software to design experiments following classical paradigms such as the lexical decision or the categorization tasks. Attendees will receive hands-on-experience of experimental programming. The conference and workshop is open to all students and staffs. If you would like to know more details of this Special Interest Group (SIG), please go to our webpage:

Registration form can be downloaded here:   Registration form - New Approaches to Vocabulary Studies

Download the Conference Programme - New Approaches to Vocabulary Studies

Further details of the SIG can be found here: