'New Approaches to Vocabulary Studies' - BAAL Vocabulary SIG Annual Conference 2015

Post-conference report-- Written by Yixin Wang and Michael Daller.

The BAAL Vocabulary SIG annual conference was held on 2nd and 3rd of July, 2015 at Swansea University Singleton Park campus. It is the second time of Vocabulary SIG members’ reunion since the SIG was set up by Professor James Milton in 2010. It aimed to gather the most recent vocabulary studies and discussed the future vocabulary studies development. The conference welcomed up to 30 early researchers and prestigious scholars from different universities within UK, and outside of UK, such as Spain, Saudi Arabia, Poland, China etc.

The event provided a friendly and supportive space to share recent research on vocabulary studies. It attracted an unprecedented number of high quality paper and poster proposals. The conference started with a pre-conference workshop, presented by Dr. Cris Izura, introducing eye-tracking vocabulary experiments programming and recording reaction times.  Plenary speakers, Professor Tess Fitzpatrick from Cardiff University and Professor Jeanine Treffes-Daller from University of Reading, provided diverse perspectives on the discussions of vocabulary studies.  At Q& A panel, the delegates were impressed by the intellectual energy and academic rigour on display.

Vocabulary StudiesThe conference was supported by the Text inspector. Com and the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities (RIAH), Swansea University.  

Conference organisers:  Yixin Wang and Dr Michael Daller, Department of English Language and Literature, Swansea University.