A new documentary film charting the rise of Swansea City from the brink of extinction to the Premier League, was partly shot in Swansea University library, with an in-depth interview with historian and lifelong Swans fan Professor Huw Bowen.

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The film, From a Jack to a King, had its premiere in London’s Leicester Square, before going on wider release.

Watch the trailer - and watch out for the clip in the University library! 

Directed by acclaimed Welsh director Marc Evans, whose other credits include hit Welsh crime series Hinterland, the documentary film recounts “ the remarkable tale of how a 'rag tag' band of builders, housewives, teachers and travel agents came together to save their beloved football club and ended up turning their city into a worldwide brand”.

Through archival footage and intimate interviews, it charts Swansea City FC's incredible journey from the sale of the club for just £1 to their £90 million promotion to the Premier League. 

“This is a film about belief, about obsession, about loyalty, about people power, about love and about how some people like to put vodka on their Weetabix.”

Huw BowenProfessor Huw Bowen, from the department of history and classics, is an expert in the history of modern Swansea, especially the role of copper.  He is also a lifelong fan of the Swans: 

'As a diehard-hard member of the Jack Army for the last 45 years I am really pleased to be in the film alongside some of my sporting heroes.  As a historian I think that the film is a really significant piece of cultural history that will have universal appeal.  

It demonstrates brilliantly why football matters to so many people and is deeply embedded in local communities, and especially in Swansea and the surrounding area.'

Swansea University has close links with Swansea City FC:

  • Huw Jenkins, Chairman of the club, who features in the film, is one of Swansea University's Honorary Fellows.
  • Joint training facilities: In 2012 the University signed a deal with the Swans to develop our Fairwood playing fields into Premier League-standard facilities.  This means that in future, our fields will become a joint training facility for Swansea City and University teams.
  • Our Swans100 project explores, conserves and celebrates the heritage of Swansea City FC, including the tumultuous years which are featured in From a Jack to a King.   Swans 100 is a partnership between Swansea University and the Swansea City Supporters’ Trust

Treasures from the Swans 100 project:

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Swansea Town's first ever game, in 1912, against Cardiff - BBC

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