Inaugural Modernist Network Cymru Conference held at Swansea University

The conference will take place on 7 September 2015

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"A Century On: Modernist Studies in Wales"

The Inaugural Modernist Network Cymru Conference

Swansea University, 7 September 2015

MONC is a newly-formed network of Wales-based scholars and academics who work on modernism in its many forms. This conference - held in Swansea, the birthplace of Dylan Thomas and Welsh poetic modernism - is its founding event. In bringing together contributors from several disciplines it will highlight the richness of work on modernism in Wales today, and lay the basis for future advances and collaborative ventures in the field.

Draft Conference Programme

9.15am Registration - James Callaghan Building, Lower Ground Foyer

9.30 – 9.45am Welcome - James Callaghan Lecture Theatre

9.45-11.15 am Parallel Sessions

Panel 1: Modernism and war (JC Seminar Room B02)

Rhian Atkin (Cardiff University), ‘Tensions and tenses of Portuguese Futurism’

Connor Doak (University of Bristol), ‘The Ethics of Modernist War Poetry:

Revisiting Mayakovsky’s War and the World 100 Years On’

Luke Thurston (Aberystwyth University) “Thought’s Broken Bones”: David Jones and Alun Lewis’

Panel 2: National and transnational modernisms (JC Seminar Room B03)

Rachel Farebrother (Swansea University), ‘The Congo is flooding the Acropolis’: Art and the Intercultural in the Harlem Renaissance

Daniel Hughes (Bangor University), ‘The Dark Matter of National Identity:  Theorising Welsh/British Modernism & Experimental Writing’

Liza Penn-Thomas (Swansea University), ‘Taking Tea with Yeats – Verse drama as  modernist or national drama’

11.15am-11.45am Coffee - James Callaghan Building, Lower Ground Foyer

11.45am-1.15pm Parallel Sessions

Panel 3: Modernism and gender (JC Seminar Room B02)

Claire Flay-Petty (Cardiff Metropolitan University), TBC

Charles Mundye (Sheffield Hallam University), ‘Lynette Roberts’s The Endeavour: a generic adventure’

Leonie Shanks (Birkbeck College), ‘Beyond The Tangled Web: Dorothy Richardson, Bryher and the Borderlands of Modernism’

Panel 4: Narrative strategies (JC Seminar Room B03)

Michelle Deininger (Cardiff Metropolitan University), ‘A Certain Unrestraint’:  Narrative Strategies and Coded Desire in Kathleen Freeman’s short fiction

Julian Preece (Swansea University), ‘The Modernist Rise of the Nameless Story-Teller: Franz Kafka’s Fragments and Parables’

Richard Robinson (Swansea University), ‘Quoting Modernism in the Early Short Stories of John McGahern: Joyce and Yeats’

1.15pm-2pm Lunch - James Callaghan Building, Lower Ground Foyer

2.00pm-3.15pm Keynote Lecture - James Callaghan Lecture Theatre

                  Dr Angharad Price (Bangor University), ‘Germany: Cradle of Welsh Modernism?’

3.15pm-3.45pm Coffee - James Callaghan Building, Lower Ground Foyer

3.45pm – 5.15pm Parallel Sessions

Panel 5: Space, place and land (JC Seminar Room B02)

Siriol McAvoy (Cardiff University), ‘The materiality of language and the transformation of tradition in the writing of Lynette Roberts

Anne Price-Owen (UWTSD), ‘Painting becoming Poetry becoming Music’

Xiaofan Xu (University of Nottingham), ‘Dylan Thomas in the Criterion: T. S. Eliot, Neo-romanticism and the Regionalist Quest’

Panel 6: Late and contemporary responses (JC Seminar Room B03)

Neal Alexander (Aberystwyth University), ‘Late modernism and the poetics of place’

Elizabeth Benjamin, ‘Dada t’es plus dans l’coup? Memorialising modernism in the age of the avant-garde centenary’

Michael Nath (University of Westminster), ‘Creative Writing, Modernism and the Life-World’

5.15 Wine reception - James Callaghan Building, Lower Ground Foyer

This conference is kindly supported by the Learned Society of Wales, the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities, Swansea University, and the British Association for Modernist Studies (BAMS).

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