D.J. Britton's drama asks the question 'Can the world trust the free market with its food supply?'

Another opportunity to hear the excellent two-part drama 'When Greed Becomes Hunger', which is featuring on Radio 4.

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David Britton - When Greed Becomes HungerProfessor D. J. Britton's two-part drama on global food security 'When Greed Becomes Hunger', produced in the BBC Wales Cardiff studios,  is being re-broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 August 2015 (2.15pm start).  It will remain available on the BBC i-player for the following 14-days.  It features Matthew Gravelle from TVs Broadchurch. BBC details below:

'When Greed Becomes Hunger'

BBC RADIO 4 Tuesday 25 August (2.15pm-3.00pm)

Part One: The Pit

Drama by D.J. Britton. With a storm brewing in the global food market, a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade sees an opportunity to make a lot of money.

British trader Phil Ward has just moved to the US with his wife Sian to start work in the Chicago Board of Trade building. When the grain market is thrown into turmoil, Phil’s boss – Joel Bosco – calls him in to make sense of the numbers. Phil uncovers a global trend in food scarcity that represents a huge financial opportunity for the company. But what if the market fails? According to Oxfam, 800 million people are currently malnourished. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation predicts food demand will double by 2030. When Greed Becomes Hunger asks whether the world can afford to trust the free market with its food supply.

With Matthew Gravelle as Phil, Carys Eleri as Sian, Stuart Milligan as Joel, Zoe Tapper as Beth, Ronan Summers as Donnie, Amaka Okafor as Carfi. Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Part Two: The Pen

BBC RADIO 4 Wednesday 26 August (2.15pm-3.00pm)

The second in a two part drama about global food security. It's three years after the events of part one and a new world order is dominated by global food protectionism, an unpredictable climate and, most of all, hunger. Phil and Sian have used the money they made to buy a farm in mid-Wales. But as an international enquiry is launched into the causes of the crash, the couple's country idyll provides little shelter from an angry world, hungry for answers.


David BrittonProfessor D.J. Britton is an award-winning dramatist, director and dramaturg. He was formerly National Executive Producer heading the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio drama department, and is now the Drama specialist on the Creative Writing Programme in the English Department at Swansea University.