Swansea University, 12-14 September 2013

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Good Soldier conferenceLong regarded as Ford’s greatest early achievement, The Good Soldier is one of the finest modernist novels in English. The Good Soldier Centenary Conference seeks to widen our comparative assessment of Ford’s first masterpiece, whose centenary in 2015 will be marked by a special volume of essays in the annual series of International Ford Madox Ford Studies.

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Peter Marks, University of Sydney, 'Under surveillance eyes: Wells, Orwell and The Good Soldier'
Professor Catherine Belsey, Swansea University, 'The Good Soldier, Ford's postmodern novel'

This international conference is organised by Geraint Evans, lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literature, College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University in association with the Ford Madox Society.

You can view 'The Good Soldier' conference programme here:
The Good Soldier Conference Programme 2013

For further information see:  http://goodsoldier2013.weebly.com/index.html
Contact:  Geraint.Evans@swansea.ac.uk.