Welsh History Month, run by WalesOnline in association with Cadw are running articles by a host of leading Welsh historians and academics, with each exploring a single question: what is the most significant object in the history of Wales?

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 DragonAs the Western Mail begins its fourth ‘Welsh History Month’ in conjunction with History Research Wales, the subject/theme this year will be ‘Objects in Welsh History’, following on from ‘Myths and Realities’ (2010), ‘Heroes and Villains’ (2011), and ‘Places in Welsh History’ (2012).  Each day throughout the month there have been essays written by a historian in a Welsh university, who uses an object to discuss a theme and present his or her research to a public audience in the newspaper or online at www.walesonline.co.uk  Companion pieces have been written by colleagues in Cadw and National Museum Wales.

Six of the essays have been written by researchers from the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University:  

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At the Hay Festival on Saturday 25 May (16.00) there will be a launch of the third series of the essays, published by Gwasg Gomer.  On the Digital Stage will be a discussion of the most important place in Welsh History and the Panel includes Leighton Andrews AM, the Minister for Education and Skills.  Martin Johnes will be making the case for the M4.  To purchase tickets for this event see:  https://www.hayfestival.com/p-5805-huw-bowen-martin-johnes-chris-evans-madeleine-gray-paul-oleary-helen-nicholson-ceri-gould-and-leighton-andrews.aspx