Swansea academic receives awards for research on Käthe Leichter

RIAH thin image bar Dr Jill Lewis, a Reader in the Department of History and Classics, has received two Austrian research awards to support her research on the life and works of the Viennese Socialist, women’s organiser and sociologist, Käthe Leichter (1896-1942). Leichter, an early victim of Nazi experiments in gassing who was killed in the Bernburg ‘Euthanasia’ Centre, was also a pioneer of the sociology of working women and an active campaigner for women’s rights.

The two research awards will allow Dr Lewis to complete a biography of Leichter. The first award, which provides funding for research leave in Vienna for the first semester of 2012- 2013 has been made by the Vienna Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer/AK), where Käthe Leichter worked as the leader of the Women’s Section from 1925 to 1933. This award is also supported by the Institute of Contemporary History at the University of Vienna. Dr Lewis will take up the StadtWien/IFK  Fellowship at the IFK ( International Research Centre for Cultural Studies) in Vienna for the second semester.

Dr Lewis said "This is the first time the Chamber of Labour has financed research on Leichter, who is one of their most famous employees, and I am delighted to be the recipient of these awards".