Learned Society of Wales Recognises Scholarly Contribution in the Arts and Humanities, Swansea University

A number of academics from the College of Arts and Humanities (COAH), Swansea University have been recognised for their distinguished contribution to the world of learning by the Learned Society of Wales in their 2013 nominations.

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Learned Society of WalesProfessor Catherine Belsey (Department of English Language and Literature), Professor Jonathan Bradbury (Department of Political and Cultural Studies), Professor Ceri Davies (Department of History and Classics), Professor Mark Humphries (Department of History and Classics) and Dr Gwyneth Lewis (Royal Literary Fund Fellow) were elected as part of a 69-strong cohort to join the Society's list of 300 distinguished scholars; Professor Peter Stead (formerly Senior Lecturer, Department of History and Classics) was also elected.

Election to the Learned Society of Wales is via nomination by existing fellows and recognises those who have a demonstrable record of excellence and achievement in any of the academic disciplines or who, being members of the professions, the arts, industry, commerce or public service, have made a distinguished contribution to the world of learning.

Director of the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities (RIAH), Professor Chris Williams said, 'It is a great honour that so many colleagues were recognised this year by the Learned Society for Wales, and it demonstrates that the College represents the very best in teaching, learning and research.'

The Learned Society of Wales launched in May 2010 to celebrate, recognise, preserve, protect and encourage excellence in all of the scholarly disciplines, and in the professions, industry and commerce, the arts and public service.

It also exists to promote the advancement of learning and scholarship and the dissemination and application of the results of academic enquiry and research; and to act as a source of independent and expert scholarly advice and comment on matters affecting the wellbeing of Wales and its people, and to advance public discussion and interaction on matters of national and international importance.

John Cadogan, the Society's President, said:  'We have once again elected a further very strong cohort of new Fellows, to add to the existing list of excellent Founding Fellows and Fellows. Over the coming years, our Fellowship will continue to grow by election judged by peer review. To be elected will continue to be a target for our young scholars.'

To see a full list of fellows visit the Learned Society of Wales website: http://learnedsocietywales.ac.uk/