Dr Carlos Garcia de Leaniz will give a briefing to the National Assembly on 'No salmon in Yemen - Learning from successes and failures in salmon and trout conservation' on Tuesday 25 September 2012. This event is sponsored by Julie James AM for Swansea West.

RIAH thin image bar This briefing presents the results of the research on salmon and trout conservation carried out by Dr Garcia de Leaniz and his group at Swansea University.  Salmonids have been dammed, choked with pollutants, and fished to extinction over much of their native range. They have also been translocated with mixing fortunes all over the world.  Yet, there is poor understanding of successes and failures in salmonid conservation, and fishery managers continue to have limited ability to predict - let alone prevent, impending extinctions.  Deliberate releases of captive-reared fish (stocking) are widely carried out in an attempt to restore natural populations, but survival of hatchery-reared fish is typically low and there is growing disenchantment with the role of hatcheries in reversing salmonid declines.  In collaboration with Government Agencies and other stakeholders, Dr Garcia de Leaniz has been working on salmonid conservation for over 20 years and his group has developed tools and rearing protocols that can help to produce more natural, fitter fish for restoration.  This briefing will present results of several salmonid restoration projects in Wales and examine how such research can inform management and help mitigate salmonid declines.

Dr Garcia de Leaniz is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of BioSciences, Swansea University, where he coordinates the MSc in Environmental Biology and the MRes programmes in Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries, and in Aquatic Ecology and Conservation.  He serves as Academic Editor of PLoS ONE and has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers on the conservation ecology of salmon and trout (see:  http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=HJK5CzYAAAAJ&hl=en)

The briefing will be chaired by Dr Jonathan Bradbury, who organises the briefings on behalf of the Research Institute of Arts and Humanities (RIAH) and Swansea University. 

Do let us know if you would like to attend the briefing, which starts at 12.30 pm in Cardiff at the Senedd.  Please contact Helen Baldwin at RIAH, Swansea University to register:  email h.baldwin@swansea.ac.uk or tel 01792 295190.