Success for Lee Jarvis's book on Terrorism: A Critical Introduction

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Terrorism - A Critical IntroductionThe book Terrorism: A Critical Introduction, co-authored by Dr Lee Jarvis of Swansea University’s Department of Political and Cultural Studies has been awarded a 2012 Outstanding Academic Title Award by CHOICE Magazine.  This prestigious list recognises the best and most significant scholarship of the 7000 works reviewed by Choice throughout the previous calendar year.

The book, which was co-authored with Richard Jackson, Jeroen Gunning and Marie Breen Smyth, has been described as:

A superb critical introduction to both the field of terrorism research and to our understanding of the phenomena associated with terrorism” (Michael Stohl)


A sustained breeze of fresh air focused on a subject—or obsession—that desperately needs it” (John Mueller).

It will be familiar to students of PCS as it serves as the core text for Lee’s postgraduate module Terrorism: Critical Perspectives.