Workshop on Editing Elizabeth Montagu's letters in the Huntington Library

Dr Caroline Franklin from the Department of English Language and Literature is hosting a workshop on the Elizabeth Montagu Letters project at the Huntington Library on Friday 13 April, 2012.

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Elizabeth MontaguThe objective of the project is to launch an electronic critical edition of one of the largest and most significant collections of eighteenth-century correspondence, which survives scattered across various archives in the UK and USA. To date, the project has already obtained a generous grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) of £26913.47 to scope the project and to launch this website:

The series of colloquia brings together an international network of experts: literary scholars, experts in information technology for the humanities, librarians and cultural historians.  The first was held in Swansea University and the national Waterfront Museum in June 2011. The second held in the Huntington Library California, will discuss the editorial principles and the practical issues involved in launching work on a major online critical edition. Caroline Franklin (PI of the project) will open the workshop and outline the aims, methodology and impact plans of the project.

Speakers and participants include:

Elizabeth Bennett (Independent scholar); Clarissa Campbell Orr  (Anglia University); Elizabeth Eger (KCL); Markman Ellis (Queen Mary, University of London); Deborah Heller (Western New Mexico); Felicity Nussbaum (UCLA); Nicole Pohl (Oxford Brookes).

Organised by the Elizabeth Montagu Letters Project (AHRC research network: Elizabeth Eger (King’s College London), Caroline Franklin (Swansea University), Mike Franklin (Swansea University) and Nicole Pohl (Oxford Brookes University))