Swansea academics contribute to Historical Association Lecture series

This year, Professor Daniel PowerProfessor Mark Humphries, Dr Rhianydd Biebrach and Tom Underwood will contribute to the Historical Association (Swansea Branch) lecture series.  For details of their talks, along with others in the series, please see the programme below.  The events are free, and all are welcome.

Historical Association Swansea Branch - 2011/12

11 November 2011 (Friday) 4pm
St Mary’s Church, Swansea 
A talk by Professor Gordon Campbell
'The King James Bible' - for a report on this lecture, please see below.

19 November 2011 (Saturday) 11am
Swansea University
(Specific venue details to be confirmed)
A talk by Beverley Rogers
'William MacGregor and his Egyptian Collection' , 
followed by a visit to the Egypt Centre at Swansea University

26 November 2011 (Saturday) 11am
The National Waterfront Museum, Swansea
A talk by Professor Daniel Power (Swansea University)
'Normandy at 1100 Years Old: Reflections upon the History of a Duchy, 911–2011'

3 December 2011 (Saturday) 11am
National Waterfront Museum, Swansea
A talk by Thomas Underwood
'1213: The Failed French Invasion of England'

7 January 2012 (Saturday)
National Waterfront Museum
Branch AGM: 10.30am
With a talk (at about 11am) by Colin Wheldon James
'Happy New Year! The various dates of New Year’s Day'
(This talk is given in conjunction with a series of events by the National Waterfront Museum throughout January and early February in regard to the History of Time)

11 February 2012 (Saturday), 11am
A talk by Professor Mark Humphries (Swansea University)
'What’s Love Got to Do with It? The Origins of St Valentine’s Day'

18 February 2012 (Saturday), 11am 
National Waterfront Museum
The Presidential Lecture:
A talk by HA President Professor Jackie Eales
'“The Monstrous Regiment of Women” in Tudor and Stuart Britain'

17 March 2012 (Saturday), 11am
National Waterfront Museum
A talk by Professor Bernard Knight and Susanna Gregory
'Authenticity in Historical Fiction'

21 April 2012 (Saturday), 11am
National Watefront Museum
A talk by Dr Rhianydd Biebrach (Swansea University)
'Mapping the Neath Abbey Estates'

19 May 2012 (Saturday), 11am
National Waterfront Museum
A talk by Professor Chris Evans (University of Glamorgan)
'El Cobre: Cuban Slaves and Swansea Copper in the Nineteenth Century'

22 May 2012 (Tuesday), 3.30pm
National Waterfront Museum
A talk by The Right Reverend the Bishop of St David’s
'Saint David'


Report on lectures:

On 11 November, Professor Gordon Campbell of the University of Leicester lectured in St Mary’s Church on ‘The Making of the King James Bible’ in celebration of the publication of that Bible in 1611.  Professor Campbell has published (2010)  an essay on the KJV for a facsimile edition, and also published a monograph on the subject with OUP (2011).  The lecture covered: the circumstances behind King James’s initiative; the processes of translation and editing; the Bible’s influence; the Bible’s language.

The lecture, which was well attended, was hosted by St Mary’s, the Swansea Branch of the Historical Association, the University’s Anglican Chaplaincy and supported by the College of Arts and Humanities.