Patricia Rodríguez-Martínez publishes commented interview in Hijas del Muntu

RIAH thin image bar Dr Patricia Rodríguez-Martínez from the Department of Languages, Translation and Communication has had a commented interview entitled: 'La voz de Edelma Zapata Pérez', published by Panamericana in a book entitled: Hijas del Muntu, Biografías críticas de mujeres afrodescendientes. 

Hijas del Muntu

The critical essays and commented interviews presented in this volume highlight the work of Afro-descendent women in the fields of culture, politics and society in Latin Americafrom colonial times up to the present day. The contributors to the book come from several continents, including the Americas, Europe and Africa. The authors of the Hijas del Muntu are Dr María Mercedes Jaramillo and Dr Lucía Ortiz, both Colombians resident in the United States.