- this briefing has now passed -

The next Swansea University briefing at the Assembly will see Dr Tracey Sagar, Centre for Criminal Justice and Criminology at Swansea University, present her pioneering research on sex work in Wales.  It has revealed high levels of violence and serious assault experienced by workers, and has shed some much needed light on the service provision needs of sex workers.  Research has also looked at potential solutions to the issue of street sex work from the community perspective.  This work is assisting policy makers in developing a strategic policy framework which is designed to better meet the needs of both sex workers and the wider community.  In June 2012 new research will begin on student sex workers in Wales to ascertain the motivations and needs of young people who are working in the sex industry. This briefing discusses Dr Sagar's current research agenda and some of the most important findings from her research in Wales.  

Dr Tracey Sagar is a Lecturer in the Department of Criminology, School of Law at Swansea University.   Her research has primarily focused on the regulation of street based sex work and in particular on multi-agency collaborations in this context. Tracey is Academic Advisor to the Cardiff Sex Work Forum, Chair of the All Wales Network of Sex Work Projects and member of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects. Tracey has published in several international journals.

The briefing will be chaired by Dr Jonathan Bradbury.  The Swansea University briefing is hosted by Julie James, AM for Swansea West.  It is organised by Dr Jonathan Bradbury on behalf of the Research Institute of Arts and Humanities (RIAH) and Swansea University.  

Date:  28 February 2012 (12.30 pm - 1.30 pm)

Venue:  Media Briefing Room, Senedd, Cardiff Bay

If you wish to attend this briefing you must first register.  Please contact Helen Baldwin at RIAH, Swansea University at  h.baldwin@swansea.ac.uk.