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Extracare: Meeting the Needs of Fit or Frail Older People?

Talk given to the National Assembly by Professor Vanessa Burnholt and Paul Nash on Tuesday 9 November 2010

Extracare has been described as innovative housing schemes that combine independent living with high levels of care. Its growth in recent years is due to an increasing ageing population and the demand for positive and suitable later life care arrangements as an alternative to residential care. It is hoped that older people will be enabled to live for longer at home whilst calling on a range of care and support services.  Extracare is portrayed as suitable for both fit and frail older people.

This talk discusses whose needs are met by extracare housing. It examines the quality of life of older people and the views of managers and social workers on whether complex integrated social and health care can be delivered in these environments.

Professor Vanessa Burholt is Professor of Gerontology, and Director of the Centre for Innovative Ageing in the School of Human and Health Sciences Swansea University.  She is currently working on research projects worth in excess of £5M, and has published widely on intergenerational relationships; support and social relationships; rurality; attachment to place, and housing and migration of older people (including ethnic minority elders). She is the research member for the National Partnership Forum for Older People in Wales.

Paul Nash was the research officer on the WORD funded extracare project, and is currently research officer on the ESRC funded programme Maintaining function and well-being in later life: A longitudinal cohort study.

The briefing will be chaired by Dr Jonathan Bradbury. The Swansea University briefing is hosted by Andrew Davies, AM for Swansea West.  It is organised by Dr Jonathan Bradbury on behalf of the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities (RIAH) and Swansea University. 

Do let us know if you would like to attend.  Please contact Helen Baldwin at RIAH, Swansea University at h.baldwin@swansea.ac.uk for full details.  

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