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Professor Roland Axtmann addresses Research Evaluation Conference in Estonia

Professor Roland Axtmann of the Department of Political and Cultural Studies in the College of Arts and Humanities was one of the keynote speakers at a conference on ‘Twenty Years of Research Evaluation in Estonia,1991-2011' in Tartu, Estonia in January. He attended the conference as a guest of the Estonian government and gave his address in his capacity as chairperson of the panel of international experts that conducted the research evaluation exercise in May 2010. He spoke to an audience of policy-makers and senior administrators in Higher Education Institutions about the panel’s decisions for the 2010 Evaluation Exercise and contributed to discussions on the future of research evaluation in Estonia and on developments in other countries in the EU. Professor Axtmann shared the platform with Professor Paavo Löppönen, Director of Evaluation and Development at the Finnish Academy, and Mr Paul Hubbard, Head of Research Policy at HEFCE.

Professor Axtmann’s involvement with research evaluation of Estonian science goes back to 2008 when he acted as the chair of an international expert group which assisted the Estonian government in setting up seven nation-wide Research Centres of Excellence as part of its research excellence initiative.

While in Tartu, Professor Axtmann met the director of the National Museum of Estonia, Dr Krista Aru, and accepted an invitation to serve on the Museum’s Board of Scientific Advisors. 

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