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Notable Honour for Distinguished Scholar

Professor Catherine Belsey, Research Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature, whose latest book, A Future for Criticism, has just appeared from Blackwell, has been honoured by a special issue of the celebrated  journal Textual Practice, devoted to reflections on her work as one of the leading literary and cultural critics of our time.

The editors of Textual Practice say the following:

‘For more than a quarter of a century, the work of Catherine Belsey has shaped and reshaped how we read literature and culture.

This special issue consists of a series of theoretical, literary, and cultural investigations that take different aspects of Belsey’s work as a starting point. The engagement, moreover, is critical: if the volume works in the wake of Belsey’s writings, it regularly does so with a view to pushing her findings in new directions.

Contributions to the volume draw upon Belsey’s writings to discuss, among other things: Shakespeare and death; fairy tales and Roland Barthes; visual culture; psychoanalysis; non-human cultures and the limits of cultural analysis; tragedy and subjectivity; and New Historicism.’

Professor Neil Reeve, Head of the Department of English Language and Literature comments: ‘It’s not often that a colleague has an entire issue of a greatly-respected journal dedicated to her work; it’s a rare and memorable distinction. We are delighted to see such high-profile recognition of the calibre of research in the Department.’

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