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Joint annual language conference on Friendship and Cross-cultural co-operation

Swansea University’s Department of Modern Languages will host two internationally-renowned conferences from Friday, November 12 to Saturday, November 13.

The 22nd Annual Conference of Women in German Studies and the 11th Annual Conference of Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies will be held jointly for the first time.

The conference, which is based on the theme of Friendship and Cross-cultural co-operation, is organised by Dr Brigid Haines, Head of the Department of Modern Languages and Dr Sarah Bowskill, Lecturer in Hispanic Studies.

The Keynote Lecture – 'Women on the Verge of a Cultural Breakthrough: German Hispanism, Translation and Gender in the Nineteenth Century' – will be given by Professor Carol Tully from Bangor University.

Dr Haines will give a lecture titled ‘Return from the Archipelago’ on Herta Müller’s 2009 novel Atemschaukel and Dr Bowskill will give a joint lecture with Jane Lavery from Southampton University on ‘The representation of the body in the work of multimedia artists Regina José Galindo and Gabriela León’.

Twenty-seven further speakers will attend from across the UK, Ireland, and Spain.

For the full conference programme and further information visit http://www.wisps.org.uk/conf.htm.

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