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First Minister of Wales gives lecture to staff and students at Swansea University

First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, gave his first lecture to staff and students at Swansea University on Monday, March 28 as part of a year-long series of talks organised by the Richard Burton Centre for the Study of Wales.

Entitled ‘Global Wales’, the lecture sponsored by the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities, addressed the challenges that Wales faces in pursuing various agendas of internationalisation as well as ways in which global interdependence have impacts on Welsh economic and social development. 

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Richard B Davies, warmly welcomed the First Minister and the address was chaired by Dr Jonathan Bradbury, head of the Department of Political and Cultural Studies in the College of Arts and Humanities.

In the hour long lecture, the First Minister discussed issue such as global warming, transport, renewable energy and nurturing business and entrepreneurship in Wales.

First Minister talk Swansea University (port)

 Mr Jones said: I’m happy to be here at Swansea University this evening to speak to staff and students about the international opportunities and challenges facing Wales over the next few years. Wales’ reputation as a place to do business, visit or study is increasing and our growing political confidence, as demonstrated by the recent Referendum result, is key to building our international role. Hosting the Ryder Cup helped to raise Wales’s profile around the world and as a result, recently in the same week, we hosted visits by the Ambassadors of the USA and China as well as the Indian High Commissioner to build business and cultural links – another sign of Wales’ international reputation.

 “Globalisation is happening, we can’t stop it and we need to tell the world that Wales is here if we want to be part of the fully globalised world.”

Dr Daniel Williams, Director of the Richard Burton Centre for the Study of Wales said: “It is a great honour to have First Minister Carwyn Jones contributing to our Richard Burton Centre seminar series on ‘Global Wales’.

“As this month’s referendum demonstrated, there are significant cultural and political changes occurring within Welsh society, and in the ways in which the Welsh think of their place in the world.

“Drawing on a range of disciplines, from economics to literature, history to human geography, our series aims to analyse, understand, and even contribute to these changes. It is important to us to hear the First Minister’s thoughts on Wales’ position in the world.”

If you missed the event and but would like to see it, please click here.  Alternatively you can read the first minister's notes for the talk via the following link:  First minister's speech (pdf file). 

 First Minister talk Swansea University (land)

(The First Minister meets (l-r), Prof Chris Williams, Dr Jonathan Bradbury and Dr Daniel Williams)

This is the tenth address in this year’s series of talks around the theme of ‘Global Wales. Future talks in the series include:

Welsh Women Missionaries and Travel Writers in the Empire during the Nineteenth Century presented by Jane Aaron, English Department at the University of Glamorgan.

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