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Dr Panayiota Tsatsou publishes new book

'Digital Divides in Europe: Culture, Politics and the Western-Southern Divide'

Dr. Panayiota Tsatsou, Lecture in Media and Communication, has published a book titled 'Digital Divides in Europe: Culture, Politics and the Western-Southern Divide'. This book examines the hotly debated subject of digital divides and specifically addresses the Western-Southern divide in Europe. It offers insights into selected countries of Southern and Western Europe - Greece, Portugal and the UK - and assesses the role of socio-cultural and decision-making parameters in the Western-Southern divide. It concludes that this divide should be seen as a ladder of divides influenced by a complex set of socio-cultural and policy/regulatory factors. The book reaches significant case-specific conclusions for the Western-Southern divide and argues that it is its profoundly socio-cultural and political/regulatory nature, while highlighting the implications for the European information society as a whole.

Click here to buy the book or order a review copy.  

P Tsatsou book cover 

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