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Workshop: Anti-Terrorism, Citizenship and Security in the UK: 15-16 July 2010

Lee Jarvis (Swansea University) and Michael Lister (Oxford Brookes University) will be holding an ESRC-funded workshop on Anti-Terrorism, Citizenship and Security in the UK at Swansea University's Department of Political and Cultural Studies on 15-16 July 2010. The aim of the workshop is to bring together scholars from across the social sciences with an interest in the consequences and impacts of contemporary anti-terrorism policy. The workshop's remit is a broad one, but potential topics to be explored include:


Issues of continuity and change in anti-terrorism policy and their significance

Discourses and ideologies of anti-terrorism policy

The differential impacts of anti-terrorism policy on individuals, communities and demographics

The consequences of anti-terrorism policy for citizenship and citizens

Theorising anti-terrorism policy

Anti-terrorism policy and security studies

Anti-terrorism policy and the modern state

British anti-terrorism policy in comparative context

The terrorism/migration nexus as it emerges in anti-terrorism policy

Methodological issues relating to anti-terrorism policy


The workshop concludes a one year research project exploring these themes thorough the conduct of focus groups with various communities across the United Kingdom.


If you would like to attend, please contact the conference organisers:


Lee Jarvis: l.jarvis@swansea.ac.uk

Michael Lister: mlister@brookes.ac.uk



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