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Experiment and Experience: Ancient Egypt in the Present

Conference: 10 - 12 May 2010


This international conference, jointly hosted by CEMA, The Egypt Centre and the Department of History and Classics, is to be held at Swansea University from 10-12 May 2010.


It will explore the usefulness of both experimental and experiential archaeology for understanding Ancient Egyptian technology in a unique way.  Along with traditional theoretical lectures, speakers will engage the participants through practical demonstrations and participatory workshops.  The two approaches - experimental archaeology (which uses the scientific method to test hypotheses through controlled experiments) and experiential (which aims to inspire through participation and teaches methods used in experimental archaeology) are rarely welcomed in the same venue and neither approach has been formally explored within Egyptology.  While the experimental has been associated with academic institutions, the experiential has been associated with museums.  This event is hosted by a museum and an academic institution and will include academics, artists, craftspeople, the public, and students.  While the focus is on Ancient Egypt, the approaches are interdisciplinary and involve the humanities, arts, and physical sciences.


The conference has a range of international speakers.  The keynote speaker will be Salima Ikram, from the American University in Cairo. 


This is a conference where academics, craftspeople and the general public, in fact all those interested in ancient Egyptor in technology can meet and share their common enthusiasm. All ages and abilities are welcome.

For further information on the conference click on the image below or email k.szpakowska@swansea.ac.uk or c.a.graves-brown@swansea.ac.uk, or telephone the Egypt Centre on +44 (01792) 295960


Ancient Egypt in the present





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