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Collaboration with The National Theatre of Wales

The Centre for the Study of Culture and Politics (C-SCAP) and The Callaghan Centre for the Study of Conflict, Power and Empire will collaborate with the National Theatre of Wales when the latter are resident in Swansea in April 2010.  This collaboration will include a workshop/event on Friday 23rd with the title ‘The Dramas of Politics: Performance, Participation and Persuasion’.
Academics and practitioners from the worlds of both drama and politics will explore, through lectures, discussions and ‘happenings’ the politics of theatre and the theatre of politics, with particular emphasis on the experience of being part of an audience or part of a public.  For further information please contact Professor Nikki Cooper (n.cooper@swansea.ac.uk) or Dr Alan Finlayson (a.finlayson@swansea.ac.uk).

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