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Briefing: Politicians, Rhetoric and Persuasion - 22 June

Dr Alan Finlayson will give a briefing at the National Assembly on "Politicians, Rhetoric and Persuasion: Lessons from the Swansea University Leaders' Speech Archive" on Tuesday 22 June, 2010.

The political speech is alive and well.  In spite of hype about Twitter, Facebook and blogging, and even though television and radio dominate political news reporting, the humble speech remains at the centre of political activity in Britain.  At hustings and in debating chambers, in front of thousands or just a few individuals politicians must rely on themselves, their words and their arguments.  But has political rhetoric changed?  How different are the speeches of today from those of a century ago?  And what, today, makes a good, persuasive and memorable speech?

This talk will address these questions, drawing on research into an online archive of leaders’ speeches to party conferences since 1895, hosted at Swansea University and supported by The Leverhulme Trust.

Dr Alan Finlayson is a Reader in the Department of Political and Cultural Studies at Swansea University.  His research interests include British politics and public policy as well as the theory and history of political rhetoric.

The briefing will be chaired by Dr David Bewley-Taylor.  The Swansea University briefing is hosted by Andrew Davies, AM for Swansea West.  It is organised by Dr Jonathan Bradbury on behalf of the Research Institute of Arts and Humanities (RIAH) and Swansea University.  For inquiries regarding this event please contact Jonathan at j.p.bradbury@swansea.ac.uk.

If you would like to attend the briefing, please contact Helen Baldwin at RIAH, Swansea University at h.baldwin@swansea.ac.uk or telephone 01792 295190 for further information.  Please note that you must register to attend this briefing.

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