Heroes and Villains - Drawing your Dreams and Demons

How Swansea children saw the ancient Egyptian demons

A  hands-on arts and crafts session at special ‘demon creation stations’ with Swansea University’s expert in ancient Egyptian demons, Dr Kasia Szpakowska and Egyptology graduate Amber Furmage, formed part of Swansea's contribution to 'Being Human': the UK Festival of Humanities 2016.    

The 'Heroes and Villains:  Drawing your Dreams and Demons' workshop produced an array of wonderful images, created by the children who took part. The children were encouraged to express how they felt about a range of ancient Egyptian demons - whether they thought they were 'good' or 'bad' demons, and they also drew one of their own!


The Swansea Festival of Humanities events were organised by the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities, and this workshop was held in partnership with Swansea Museum, on 19 November 2016.   This online exhibition has been launched to mark the official 2016 Being Human Festival Showcase, held on 26 June 2017.

Demonology - smallTo see photographs from Swansea's 2016 'Being Human' events, see the Flickr album here.

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