Swansea University English Student Ben Jones has published a new book

A new book from Benjamin A Jones might help shed some light on English words you’ll probably only hear in Wales. Fuelled by the pronunciation, grammar and words of a former Celtic language (Welsh, or Cymraeg), Wales’ English dialect – ‘Welsh English’ - resonates loudly in the ‘Land of Song’

Ben Jones Book Cover

Published by Bradwell Books, Welsh English Dialect covers a range of these Welsh English expressions:  from words of the southern Valleys to those in North Wales; from jocular sayings of the eastern Borders to those along the western Gower coastline. Provided throughout are insights into some of these words’ origins and anecdotal stories associated with them. Also, within its pages are collections of occupational words from historical workplaces such as the Welsh mines and farms, as well as unique Welsh terminology related to children’s games, food customs and cultural traditions.

‘Having grown up along the Welsh borders, it was made very clear to me upon moving to Swansea – a city between the Gower peninsula and the mountainous Welsh valleys – that the English language in Wales has tremendous dialectal diversity,’ says Benjamin, who was born in Abergavenny.

‘I have been studying the Welsh English dialects for several years. Working on this book has been a great opportunity to tailor both the academic research on the dialects as well as general terminology from the Welsh world into a concise package for readers of all backgrounds; a resource for readers across the Welsh nation and beyond.’

Welsh English Dialect (ISBN: 9781910551653) - a selection of words and anecdotes from around Wales, is now available in all good bookshops, supermarkets and Tourist Information Centres priced at just £3.99 or available online from bradwellbooks.co.uk.

Benjamin A Jones is a student in the English Language and Literature Department at Swansea University.