Swansea University’s Arts and Humanities Graduate Students to discuss ‘Altered States’.

Swansea University’s Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Conference is to be held on 9 October 2015.

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Title: Altered States in the Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Conference 2015

When: Friday 9 October 2015

Where: The Abbey, Singleton Campus, Swansea University

‘The talent for transformation which has given the human race so much power over all other creatures has as yet scarcely been considered or begun to be understood.’ (Elias Canetti)

This year we invite individual contributions or panels on the general theme of “Altered States”. These range from:

  • transformations, adaptations or translations in literature, poetry and film;
  • mind-expanding / body-changing experiences;
  • metaphysics and the representation of death;
  • political and governmental upheavals and revolutions (regime change);
  • the challenges posed by the alterity of the past and intercultural encounters in the present.

The brief is to give either an overview or a segment of your research topic which articulates directly or imaginatively with the theme “Altered States” in the form of a 15-minute paper or presentation.

Please send a title and an abstract of between 150-200 words by 8 September 2015 to Vicky Lewis (v.lewis@swansea.ac.uk), also stating your name and department. For advice about topics, titles and abstracts, please approach your supervisors in the first instance, alternatively email the academic lead, Prof Julian Preece (j.e.preece@swansea.ac.uk).  (Note the conference is only open to students from Swansea University.)