Creative Writing student's new play to feature at the Grand Theatre, Swansea.

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Are we there Yeti?Swansea student Ricky Stevenson makes his professional debut as a playwright next week when his wild comedy "Are We There Yeti?" gets a production at the Swansea Grand.

Ricky studied for his BA, and now MA in Creative Writing at Swansea University.  His play was spotted at last year's Rough Diamonds show and  will be performed by Swansea's Ffluellen Theatre Company, directed by Peter Richards,  on Saturday June 27th (12.30 pm) as part of the lunchtime theatre season. 

Kevin and Sam are the Dumber and even-more-Dumber of delivery men. One day, whilst driving on the Moors they collide with something that looks like a Yeti. A Yeti? In Britain? If they are correct then there is a huge pot of gold waiting for them at the end of this particular rainbow. All they`ve got to do is get it in the back of the van, drive to the nearest town and inform the world`s media. What could possibly go wrong?  Ricky Stevenson`s first play is an hysterically funny comedy.  

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