'Peering beneath the Layers' or 'The day we took "Rover" for a walk'

Beverley Rogers writes a guest blog for the Egypt Centre, Swansea University on mummified remains and the innovative use of digital imaging.

Graduate Centre blocks thin

Read about an exciting collaboration which has risen between The Egypt Centre and two of the Colleges from Swansea University.  The Institute of Life Science and the Engineering Department, together with the Egypt Centre, are helping to bring Egyptian antiquities ‘back to life’ by allowing mummified remains to be unwrapped without evasive procedures.  As part of this project, Beverley Rogers formed part of the team who were to discuss if ‘Rover’, the Egypt Centre’s mummified dog (EC438), might be a suitable candidate. 

To read Beverley's fascinating account of how digital imaging is helping to determine what is inside mummified wrappings, read her blog here:


Beverley Rogers is a PhD candidate in the Department of History and Classics at Swansea University.