Anna Maria Orofino to spend time at the Simancas Archive.

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Anna Maria OrofinoAnna Maria Orofino, a PhD candidate in the Department of History and Classics at Swansea University has been awarded a grant from the Journal, Past and Present towards the travel costs involved with her visit to the Simancas Archive (Valladolid).

She will be rearching material on the Welsh Recusants, who, at Elizabeth's accession to the throne, loyal to the Catholic faith, preferred leaving their country and fight for Philip II of Spain against England. A chapter of her dissertation deals with David Stradling, issued from the important Welsh family, who went to the continent and died there, fighting for the King of Spain.

Her thesis deals with prominent Welsh diplomats and politicians at the Tudor Court (from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I). David Stradling, while not having important charge at court, was issued from a family of staunch Catholics. His father Thomas held important charges during Queen Mary's reign. She decided to write a chapter of her thesis on Welsh Recusants as, Recusancy was one of the main problem Elizabeth she had to tackle and lots of young English and Welsh men died on the continent for their faith, considering Elizabeth a usurper and an enemy of the true religion.

Anna’s interest in David's life rose when reading an article written by Prof. Ralph Griffiths on the "The Rise of the Stradlings of St. Donat's" (Morgannwg, 7, 1963).