Graduate Centre blocks thin The annual Dylan Thomas Festival – at Swansea’s Dylan Thomas Centre – gets under way this coming Saturday. One of the highlights will be the premiere of a play written by one of Swansea University's Creative Writing PhD students, Liz Wride, at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday 28 October.

Hearts of Oak, a tale of turmoil, love and hatred, is based on a true story: in 1780 two men are marooned in the Smalls lighthouse twenty-seven miles of the Pembrokeshire coast, with nothing for company but their mutual dislike. Haunted by the memories of those they know on shore, they begin to question if they will ever leave the lighthouse alive. When one of them dies, the other – desperate to avoid being accused of murdering his fellow lighthouse keeper – knows he dare not get rid of the body, but must live with it – for weeks – until the relief boat comes ... with disastrous consequences for his sanity. This famous incident resulted in a change of law: from that time onwards, lighthouses had to be manned by three rather than two keepers.  This script-in-hand performance, directed by playwright and Swansea drama teacher DJ Britton, is Liz’s first ever professional performance.

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