Political and Cultural Studies graduate speaks at Amsterdam and Liverpool.

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In March 2013, Leighton Evans, a graduate of the Department of Political and Cultural Studies at Swansea University, spoke as an invited speaker at the Unlike Us Conference which was on the topic of ‘Social Media:  Design or Decline’, held in Amsterdam.  His paper ‘Buying and selling people and places:  The political economy of mobile social media’ covered the ever increasing worldwide adoption of mobile devices, the location tracking that goes along with it and the implications this has.  For further information see  http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/unlikeus/2013/03/24/leighton-evans-buying-and-selling-people-and-places-the-political-economy-of-mobile-social-media/).  Another of his papers,  ‘How to build a map for nothing:  Immaterial labour and location-based social networking’ had previously appeared in the Unlike Us Reader - see: http://networkcultures.org/wpmu/portal/publication/unlike-us-reader-social-media-monopolies-and-their-alternatives/ .

He also spoke at another international conference in April on digital memory, forgetting and legal issues (BILETA 2013, University of Liverpool).   His paper was on ‘The right to be forgotten against the possibility: forgetting the user in the digital media age’.