On Saturday 29th November, Fluellen Theatre Company present Barbara Clark's new play, "Welcome Home Mr Anton" as part of their Lunchtime Theatre series - 12.30pm in the Arts Wing of Swansea's Grand Theatre.

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Welcome Home Mr AntonAs autumn advances and the nights draw darker, "Welcome Home Mr Anton" looks at community relationships and the explosive effect of a couple of outsiders on a London council estate. Dark like the nights, this one-act play explores the raw edge of some topical issues and asks just how far envy, suspicion and group-think can go.

The play is powerful, moving and very human.  This is a professional debut for Barbara Clark, presented by Ffluellen Theatre Company.  Further information:  http://www.fluellentheatre.co.uk/#!lunchtime-theatre/c4e5

Time/Venue:  12.30pm in the Arts Wing of Swansea's Grand Theatre.

Barbara Clark is in the final year of her part-time MA in Creative Writing at Swansea.