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Listed below are a selection of Callaghan related research projects:

The Security of the Sami People - Professor Michael Sheehan.

This research programme is part of a broader cooperative project on ‘The Development of International Arctic Law with a focus on resource governance in response to emerging regional human security challenges’. The research project examines the existing structure of Arctic resource governance taking into consideration national, regional and international regulation. The purpose of this exercise is to identify the gaps in response to emerging changes occurring in the Arctic. The project links researchers at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland; Callaghan Centre, Swansea University; University of Toronto (Canada), University of Tromso (Norway); Mid-Sweden University and Uppsala University (Sweden)and the Scott Polar Research Institute of the University of Cambridge.

GWACS:  The Callaghan Centre is affiliated with the Group for War and Culture Studies (GWACS). GWACS was established in 1995 at the University of Westminster, and Key aspects of the Group's work are its focus on the forms and practices of cultural transmission in time of war, and the analysis of the impact of war on cultural identity and international cultural relations.

Further strands of the Callaghan Centre:

The Modern European Ideologies, Conflict and Memory Research Group (MEICAM);

The Cultures of Discipline Group, which relates contemporary issues facing police and armed forces to the academic study and public representation of these institutions. Themes of investigation undertaken by the Group centre on the evolution of police and military culture(s) and how the police and the military are portrayed in the media, cinema, literature and the arts. The Group is keen to involve members of police and military organizations alongside academic researchers in order to promote exchanges of knowledge, ideas and experience in a multi-disciplinary context.