Swansea University - Submission Policy & Procedures

Submission Policy & Procedure

University policy requires that all funding applications receive formal approval by the applicant’s School and the Institution prior to submission to the sponsor. The timetable below is the minimum required for the submission process; additional time must be allowed if there are any internal School procedures to consider.


 Working days prior to submission Actions 


Contact your External Funding Officer to advise them you will be submitting an application for funding. Ensure you have all the necessary user accounts or paperwork needed for preparing the application and familiarise yourself with the funder’s guidance. Request partner costs in writing / email (cc your External Funding Officer).


Forward the final project budget and draft application to your External Funding Officer for verification. Complete the Institutional Endorsement Form (IEF).


Submit the application and IEF to a School Research Approver for review and sign-off.


Ensure the application and IEF is forwarded to, and received by, your External Funding Officer for approval.


The External Funding Officer checks the application and either approves the submission or requests amendments where necessary.

Proposals submitted later than three days preceding a sponsor deadline may not be subject to the DRI due diligence review. Please be aware any financial losses due to miscalculations or budget omissions will impact directly on the School Business Plan. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above policy do not hesitate to contact your External Funding Officer for assistance.

Risk Assessment - All projects which are over £100K in value to the University must complete a Pre-Risk Assessment Checklist . When completed this checklist should be sent to risk.assessment@swansea.ac.uk where it will be assessed and responded to.

Risk management is a major consideration when planning a project. View further details on what to do in the planning stage of a project.

Institutional Endorsement Form - The Institutional Endorsement Form  (IEF) must be used to obtain School and Institutional approval for paper-based applications and electronic submission systems that do not contain a School approval step prior to Institutional submission.