Swansea University - Welsh Ultra Efficient Lighting Centre

Welsh Ultra Efficient Lighting Centre

Gonio - photometer & spectroradiometer (GPS)

The Welsh Ultra Efficient Lighting Centre is aimed at promoting the uptake of Ultra Efficient Lighting (UEL) Technologies developed between Swansea University and associated companies, to the wider communities within Wales. Through A4B funding the centre has been able to purchase specialist light measurement equipment which is required to make accurate assessments of current and next generation lighting solutions. This would enable large and smaller companies and new start ups the ability to access independent testing and development of their products and technologies. 

This KTC will attract existing companies to the region as well as new company start-ups and spin outs.  Activities will include specialist advice and guidance, seminars and events to be held throughout Wales, scoping and problem solving, and further R&D collaborative projects.

Contact Details

Professor Paul Rees
School of Engineering
Singleton Park

Tel: 01792 295197
Email: p.rees@swansea.ac.uk