Swansea University - Centre for Complex Fluids Processing

Centre for Complex Fluids Processing

Advanced Membrane Separation and Surface Technologies

The requirement for and uptake of Membrane and Surface technologies is increasing across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, with applications including desalination of water, manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and waste treatment and recycling. 

The continuing development and novel application of these technologies makes it hard for commercial companies to keep up with new developments and recognise the potential the technology has to offer, this is especially true for SMEs. 

The Centre will demonstrate to business the benefits of using membrane and surface technologies and support R&D industrial projects in the following key areas:

  • Selective Separation and Product Recovery utilising Membrane Technology
  • Advanced Surface and Fluid Characterisation
  • Novel Membrane and Structure Fabrication

Contact Details

Professor Rhodri Williams
School of Engineering
Singleton Park, Swansea

Tel: 01792 295673
Email: p.r.williams@swansea.ac.uk