Research as Art Competition 2016 is now open for entries

The deadline for applications is April 8th 2016.  Please send you entries to

Top tips

  • Do write about your research, the human aspect, whatever you feel makes for an interesting narrative of your research
  • Do send the highest quality image you can in JPEG and TIff format
  • Please name your image the same name as written in your application form
  • Avoid abbreviations and anachronyms
  • Avoid prefixes before names e.g Dr /Professor

Any queries please email:

Dr Richard Johnston

Emma Nehemiah

What is the 'Research as Art' Competition?

"Capturing the diversity and beauty of research"

Research as Art is a unique competition which provides a platform for researchers at Swansea University to convey the importance, emotion, beauty and humanity of their research.  This is an opportunity for researchers to showcase their research to the world, by providing a brief, captivating description and image. The exposure for winners can be huge, previously achieving a reach of over 50 million people worldwide through press coverage of the project.

The competition is open to all researchers from undergraduate to Professor, studying, working or supporting research in any field or discipline. This includes Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering and Sciences - everything!

What is Research as Art?

Judging panel

  • Professor Gail Cardew - Professor of Science, Culture and Society at the Royal Institution
  • Flora Graham - Digital Editor of
  • Professor John WomersleyChief Executive Officer of the Science and Technology Facilities 
  • David HastieDirector of Art Across the City and LOCWS International