Research strategy

Our research ambition is to become one of the top 30 universities in the UK.

Research is at the heart of Swansea University's vision and plays an important role in many of the policy challenges set out in our Strategic Plan and those of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government. Integrated planning and implementation is therefore paramount to ensure that key tasks and projects are aligned within our research environment and culture.  

The University's strategic research objectives for the planning period 2009-15 will realise the opportunities presented by Swansea's performance in the 2008 RAE.  

The University's two Pro-Vice-Chancellors with responsibility for research leadership are Professor Ian Cluckie (STEM subjects, Medicine and Health Science) and (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences).

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors engage with Heads of Colleges and Schools through the business planning process and strategic programme management, to assist the strategic allocation of resources and advance collaborative research across the academic community, and with industry and Government.

The University is currently preparing for the Research Excellence Framework, which places great weight on the quality of published outputs, as well as the impact of our research with a range of end users. It is therefore vital that we have in place clear targets for these key aspects of the REF, and the infrastructure and mechanisms necessary to achieve them. Registering and assessing the volume, quality and impact of the University's research activity will be critical to our preparations.

A Strategic Research Management Group works alongside the University's Research Committee to develop and mobilise an Implementation Plan, prioritise objectives and utilise Key Performance Indicators.  As part of this process, a project management structure has been adopted to implement and monitor the strategy's seven policy challenges.

Directors of Research

Each of the University's six academic Colleges has an associated Director of Research responsible for developing and leading the implementation of the research strategy for the College.

The Directors of Research work together and with the both Pro-Vice Chancellors for Research to promote inter-departmental and interdisciplinary research activity, and to raise the profile and esteem of their Colleges with external networks, funders, government bodies and industrial partners.