Research Integrity


Welcome to the Research Integrity pages of Swansea University. We are very proud of our reputation for excellent research, and for the calibre, dedication, and professionalism of our research community. We understand that integrity must be an essential characteristic of all aspects of research, and that as a University entrusted with undertaking research we must clearly and consistently demonstrate that the confidence placed in our research community is rightly deserved. The University therefore ensures that everyone engaged in research is trained to the very highest standards of research integrity and conducts themselves and their research with care and respect for all research participants and subjects.

Our Commitment to Research Integrity

Swansea University is committed to ensuring that its research activities are conducted in a way which respects the dignity, rights, and welfare of participants, and which minimises risk to participants, researchers, third parties, and to the University itself.

Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott

Research governance is one of the priorities of the University’s Research & Innovation Strategic plan and leadership in the area is provided by the Senior Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott, Academic Lead and Deputy Academic Lead for Research Integrity. Support for researchers is made available through training and guidance through Colleges and Professional Services units within the University.

The University’s Research Integrity: A Policy Framework on Research Ethics and Governance outlines the institutional approach to research integrity and provides the underpinning policies on research governance. The Policy Framework has been developed in accordance with the guidelines of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, UK Research & Integrity Office Code of Practice and Research Governance Framework for Health & Social Care in Wales.


Research Integrity Roles and Contacts:

Academic Dean Research Integrity

Dr Sherrill Snelgrove (Email:


Research Integrity Manager

Mrs. Anjana Choudhuri ( (



Research Governance Officer

 Mrs. Paola Griffiths (


Institutional contact for reporting cases of research misconduct

Registrar & Chief Operating Officer 

Mr Andrew Rhodes