Support for researchers

Our Commitment To You

Dear Researcher,

Swansea University recognises the important and substantial contribution that you are making to its research success, and very much appreciates the effort, skill, and innovation that you bring to the organisation.  We also recognise the importance of creating and maintaining an environment in which you can thrive, both personally and professionally, and in which you enjoy working.  We are committed to delivering the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, which is designed to make your employment and career more rewarding.

The University is committed to fostering your talents and enhancing the circumstances of all its research staff.   It is determined to do this by responding to overcome any factors that adversely impact on your role, and by specifically supporting expansion and extension of your professional capabilities and career progression. 

With these objectives in mind all research staff are encouraged to participate actively in building and extending their skills and competencies by adopting the recommendations of the Roberts Report, and incorporating 10 days per year of personal development activities as part of their working ethos and objectives.  A wide range of activities and opportunities are available to you here.  You are also encouraged to take advantage of the support available from Rose Cooze, and to let her know of anything that you consider could be improved to enhance your job satisfaction and success.

Mr David Williams, Director of Human Resources