HR Excellence in Research


Swansea University recognises the crucial contribution that research staff make to our internationally excellent and world-leading research. The success of our research staff underpins our ambition which will drive forward research quality, create a suitable environment for research to flourish, whilst ensuring that the impact of our research is maximised. To this end, we are committed to providing a genuinely supportive environment and culture, where researchers can thrive both professionally and personally. Early Career Researchers (ECRs) are especially important to sustain high quality research and the University is committed to valuing and promoting career development for this diverse group of staff.

Swansea University undertakes to fulfil this commitment through the implementation of the 2008 Concordat to Support the Career Development of Research Staff and has developed a policy and action plan outlining how this will be achieved. We will regularly review our Concordat action plan, and publish our progress on these pages. You can view our previous and current action plans here:  Concordat Action Plan 2011-12Concordat Action Plan 2014Concordat Action Plan 2015-16

HR Excellence in Research Award

The University holds the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award in recognition of our commitment to support the Career Development of Research Staff. The award was first attained by the University in 2010 and renewed in January 2013, and January 2015. You can view our 2013 Self Assessment Report to see what we are doing to support research staff. Other reports and plans are also available on this page.

The next assessment of the award will take place in December 2016

2014 HR Excellence in Research Report

‌In December 2014, the University submitted an application to have our HR Excellence in Research Award renewed. The process was carried out by a panel of external assessors, and accredited by the European Commission. As part of the assessment process, we wrote a report to detail progress over the past 2 years, as well as forward plans. You can read our report here:  2014 HRE Report (PDF)  2014 HRE Report . For more information on our forward action plans, please see the "Concordat" section above.