Resilience, problem solving and personal effectiveness

Resilience, problem solving and personal effectiveness


Develop the essential skills to manage yourself and your workload to overcome challenges and successfully complete your research degree.





ENGAGE: Maximise your productivity by starting as you mean to go on. Develop organisation and time management skills, and methods for developing and recording ideas.

Date and Time                                       Title                                                                               Campus                             
February 2018, TBC How to plan your PhD Singleton Park
February 2018, TBC The balanced researcher Singleton Park
February 2018, TBC The 7 secrets of successful research students        Singleton Park

EXPLORE: Manage the challenge of your research degree more effectively by developing skills to manage your workload effectively, balancing different demands on your time and keeping on top of your research and writing.

Date and Time                              Title                                                                                                        Campus                     
22 February 2018, 11.00-12.00 Working smarter: digital tools for researchers that can save you time Singleton Park
3 May 2018, 14.00-16.00 Getting the most out of conferences Singleton Park

ENHANCE: Confidently deal with the challenges of producing and managing data alongside writing your thesis, by effectively managing your workload and working to consistently meet deadlines and complete your research degree on time.

Date and Time                             Title                                                                                          Campus                           
10th November 2017, 9.30-12.30 Finishing the thesis and preparing for your viva Singleton Campus
5 December 2017, TBC Viva survivors Singleton Campus 
27 March 2018, TBC  Viva survivors Singleton Campus 
3 May 2018, 9.30-12.30  Finishing the thesis and preparing for your viva Singleton Campus


Taking part in any immersive activity from any skills development area will help you to strengthen these skills - get involved with as much as you can! Speak to as many people as you can about your research as good preparation for your viva!


Read the Viva Survivors blog to pick up further tips.

Follow Hugh Kearns on Twitter  for some great guidance on personal effectiveness as a researcher and managing your research degree. Make sure you don’t miss his annual visit to Swansea University as part of his international tour! Details are available in the workshop programme.

There are also books available in the library to support your skills development in this theme:

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Managing time:

Books - yellow (3)  Books - yellow (4)  Books - yellow (5)  Books - yellow (6)







The following books are also available with the below reference numbers

Study skills handbook - LB2395.C6 (2013) 
Time management - LB2395.4.W55 (2011), HD38.2GAR 
Note taking - LB949PIC
Mind mapping - BF431.B88 (2000)